Off Grid

The first step for going off grid, is to determine the amount of kilowatt yours you will need. Calculating your needs can be tedious, then you add in a cushion. It is important to be honest and think about your future needs, cutting corners here can cost you in the long run. The second step is to size your battery bank, and find and explain how batteries work, and the maintenance required to maintain your battery warranty. Be sure to check out our battery information it is not in full detail here because there is a lot to know about batteries, and it makes this explanation to long. But be sure to understand that the battery bank size is important, because batteries have a shelf life and a manufactures rating to how many times they can be drawn down. The third step is to design a renewable energy that will protect your battery bank. This has some variables, building location (south facing roof) trees, and then if you want small wind. This step also includes your backup source, your backup generator has a lot to do with how you size your solar array.

Understanding these steps is important to knowing how you’re off grid system works and how to maintain it.